Why Our Bats Are Different

Not all trees are created equal... The problem that every North American bat maker has is the amount of raw lumber they have to buy in order to get enough Pro quality billets-not all trees are created equal!

Most mills-especially the largest ones-buy thousands of billets every year and select the best billets for their pro players. Since only about 25% make the grade, this means that the other 75% are second rate - the grain is too tight or wavy, small knots, etc. As a result, the vast majority of all bats available to consumers below the major league level are poor quality and high priced!

We have partnered with one of the largest Japanese wood mills to produce the best quality most durable bat you can buy. We pay a higher price for our billets up front and only take the ones that we expect will meet the pro requirement-straight grain, clear, no knots or discolorations We only sell the highest quality maple bats, period.

Even with our pre-turning inspections and selection process we still find about 20% of our billets have some small imperfection that will eliminate that bat from final finishing. We sell these bats as “seconds” and they are clearly marked and priced as such.